Type FR15HX Speed Controller - Specifications
Full 15 amp. forward and reverse rating
Selectable frequency mode, low, high or variable
Digital signal processing for super smooth 'glitch' free operation with fast response.
Screwdriver speed range adjustment, 25 - 125% of transmitter range
Precision pre-set neutral (no repetitive switch on sequence)
75 amp. (270 amp. peak) rated MOSFET*
Low loss Power MOSFET current switching (6.3 milli-Ohm)
Thermal overload and peak current protection (motor short or stall)
6 to 24 volt motor battery range (5.5 volt min.)
Size: 73mm (ex.mounting) x 51mm x 22mm (33mm over relay)
* Beware suppliers who quote MOSFET ratings as continuous controller rating!