Type FR8T-AM Motor Speed Controller - Specifications
Full 8 amp. continuous load rating, forward and reverse
Selectable frequency mode, low, high or variable
Digital signal processing for super smooth 'glitch' free operation
Precision pre-set neutral (no repetitive switch on sequence)
45 amp. (130 amp. peak) rated MOSFET*
Low loss Power MOSFET current switching (20 milli-Ohm)
6 to 24 volt motor battery range (5.5 volt min.)
5 volt., 0.5 amp. regulator (B.E.C.) for single battery operation
Size: 73.5mm x 51mm x 26mm 
Operates in acceleration mode. The engine accelerates in proportion to the transmitter stick position, either forward or backwards. When the stick is returned to neutral, or the transmitter switched off, the current speed is held indefinitely. When the stick is moved in the opposite direction the engine decelerates, again in proportion to the stick position.
Adjustable max. acceleration/deceleration rate - 5 to 25 sec. to reach full speed
Acceleration/deceleration proportional to stick position
Emergency stop function
* Beware suppliers who quote MOSFET ratings as continuous controller rating!