Type FR8T-SH Motor Speed Controller - Specifications
Full 8 amp. continuous load rating, forward and reverse
Selectable frequency mode, low, high or variable
Digital signal processing for super smooth 'glitch' free operation with fast response.
Precision pre-set neutral (no repetitive switch on sequence)
45 amp. (130 amp. peak) rated MOSFET*
Low loss Power MOSFET current switching (20 milli-Ohm)
6 to 24 volt motor battery range (5.5 volt min.)
5 volt., 0.5 amp. regulator (B.E.C.) for single battery operation
Size: 73.5mm x 51mm x 26mm 
Full speed range, forward and reverse, proportional to joystick position
Maintains set speed indefinitely when signal is lost or transmitter switched off
Adjustable max. speed range - 25% to 125% of transmitter range
* Beware suppliers who quote MOSFET ratings as continuous controller rating!